Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello to the few people that came over to the new blog and maybe even still follow this pathetic little page since I haven't been active on it!

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I am alive and doing well and we will definitely catch up! Life was crazy, but then when isn't it right?? A year ago I made a decision to do what most people considered turning my life upside down! While I don't consider it turning my life upside down, that decision definitely created plenty of unknowns and chaos. It has been almost a year to the day since I acted upon that decision. I wouldn't change it for anything. My life has truly never been more amazing. Yes, I miss some of the people that were left behind, but that is how it goes right? Some of them are in the past because they chose not to try and understand. As a society we have gotten to a point where it is easier to judge something by how it appears rather than taking some time/effort to see what is really the case. Others were left behind because they were the other J's friends first. I get it. There are some people I don't miss much at all and then there are others that I truly miss and wish it could be another way. It can't be and I am ok with that. It is awesome to know that there are still people out there that are faithful to their life long friends, even after making new friends.

Life long friends are not something that I have many of. Plenty of people around me do, but not I. We moved. I moved. I moved again, this time to another state. I moved back. I moved again. You get the picture. Aside from when I was living in South Carolina, I have never been more than two hours from "home", but that two hours can be a long ways when life starts to happen. We are all guilty of letting life get in the way and not keep in touch with those that were once important to us. Thanks to social media I have been reconnected with some friends from my childhood and we do a much better job of keeping in touch and up to date, but that isn't what I consider a life long friend. Small Town Guy has life long friends. It seems to be a toss up. Most people seem to either have life long friends or they have been out and seen more than just the place they grew up and therefore lost touch with those that would have been life long friends. Both have pros and cons and I suppose it is up to each of us to decide which is more important to us. Neither is wrong.

I don't have life long friends, but I have some pretty awesome friends that have been there and are still there for me. It also seems that I have gotten to the point in life where I realize how important these people are even when we live in different states and different counties in the same state. Awesome friends are important. I have always felt I would rather have a few good friends than have a bunch of not so good friends. Due to choices that have been made by myself or my friends, we are definitely split up. One year ago, this month, I moved "home." That left the rest of my world approximately two hours away. One of those friends has since moved to Colorado. So I find myself at home, where I want to be because my family is here, but now my friends are at least two hours away, and some are even in different time zones. I am still looking for the perfect solution to mesh my world between "home" and my "two hour away home." I think "home" will be a topic for another day.

When you make life changing decisions it is a sure way to find out who your true friends are. That can leave you with plenty of reflecting to do, but it also leaves you with those that are truest to you. Top that first life changing decision with another one such as getting married, and things get even more interesting.

I am home 5 days a week. I am at my "southern two hour away from home home" two days a week. It works for now. It isn't the ultimate answer but it is the best answer for now. Life is ever changing and we make the best of what we have! At least that is my motto. No matter where I am, there are people I miss. That is a result of choices I have made though. I get it and am cool with it. Because you see, at least now when I am missing people it is a direct result of choices I have made. I suppose when I was missing people before it was a direct result of choices, but there were other contributing factors that I wasn't directly in control of.

Life is awesome! I have my awesome friends or sisters or partners in crime or whatever word you use to describe your besties. I have Small Town Guy as my husband. I now have some of his friends as my friends too. I am home. I have those in my family that have always unconditionally loved and supported me. Yes, even our families can prove difficult. Family, Friend, or Foe, negative energy is not welcome in my world and as a result of all the choices I have made, I have learned that some things never change and for some people I will never be enough. That isn't my fault or my problem. This is the year to dismiss the negative and keep the positive. It is a continuation of the changes made last January! It is with that inner peace that has led to the creative side in me being awakened again.

Cards, scrapbook pages, projects, pictures a plenty. We also have some catching up to do and new traditions to start around here! I hope you will stop back and we can grow this blog together. I have definitely missed writing!

Before I go I want to share some pictures of our awesome friends! In the end it doesn't matter if they are life long or not! These people are the ones that have been our rocks, whether for a year or for 30+ years. These are our besties and the ones we hope we get to spend the next 30+ years with!

Those that were able to join us for our bridal party outing. Small Town Guy also has friends that now live out of state, so we couldn't all be together.

YES! That is us! We did our bridal party shots on the playground. They turned out A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Sure, these guys are Joe's life long friends and they have his back.
I do know, though, that if something happens and I need something, I can call any one of them!

Joe and my girls. These girls rock. Whether it is 1 year, 10 years, 20 years or anywhere in between,
these are the girls that help make my world go round!

Do you have life long friends? Are you making positive changes with the new year? Are you right where you want to be?

Til next time! Hugs and best wishes from my small town to wherever you may be in the world!



  1. Awesome pictures! So glad you're back!

  2. Love the post, welcome back to blogging. Don't forget about work friends we are kinda cool too.


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