Sunday, February 2, 2014

Small Town Bits Sunday -- snowy bits

Another week has come to a close and the next one is upon us! There has been plenty learned this week.
Another week has gone by and Small Town Bits Sunday is the only blog post of the week. I haven't crafted. I have spent some time working on our upcoming fundraiser for the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. I learned that there are days the hours from the time Small Town Guy walks out the door until the moment he walks back through the door after work are way too long. That is a crazy thought process since I went 5 years without seeing him.  I do fall in love with this man all over again each day! I was reminded how awesome time and conversations with girlfriends is. I was blessed with memory making moments with some family. There were struggles this week too. It happens, they are part of the road too. Sometimes those struggles are lessened when you find out people share the same thoughts and views on situations as you do. We all make decisions that people don't understand and sometimes choose not to try to understand. Sometimes those decisions are what is best, despite people disagreeing with you. Sometimes affirmation of it is ok comes along in random conversations and those conversations help other things make sense. All in all, it was a good week and I am thankful for all the special moments it held!

This week's post is going to be picture based from this point on.  Interesting views I had along the way!
I hope you enjoy the snowy images!

 Did you get to see the snow rollers that formed this week?? A rare phenomenon for this area, but a common occurrence in the arctic. That is definitely how it felt around here this past week. These things were way cool to see.  

 A bridge that I see from the other side when I drive home. It is down over a hill from the view I usually get. Small Town Guy and I went on a "detour" so I could see it up close.

A view of the side of the bridge I was standing on when I took the above picture.

 A spot that always intrigues me, but has added interest when snow covered.

A GIANT snowman. I have no idea how big it really is, but I can promise you it is taller than I am!
It looks like someone else made some memories this week!!

I hope you had at the very least, a good week and had the chance to make some memories with those you love! I hope the week ahead holds happy times as well!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I would love it if you let me know you stopped by.

Hugs from my small town to wherever you are!


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