Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Life is...GOOD!

I miss blogging. I do! I have, however, accepted the fact that my life is good and it is ok to not blog. When I started blogging at Creating With The J's, I had lots and lots of free time on my hands and a void to fill. Life and I are in someplace altogether different now. It is, well, awesome!

My "free time" was previously spent creating and blogging. I met some awesome people in blog land. Some of you have been awesome enough to check up on me in my blogging absence. I think that is way cool. My "free time" is now spent doing many things that I enjoy. I still enjoy blogging and creating. I just don't find the time to make it happen like I should or would like. That isn't a bad thing. I get to see my family more often now. The trade off to that is I don't get to see some of my friends as much as I would like, but we can't have everything...especially when my world is split between two counties, and they are NOT neighboring counties. My husband's friends have become my friends and that is way cool too! Time previously spent creating and blogging to fill a void is now time spent with the man I couldn't live without and am now married to. Some still think it was a crazy move on my part, but all is well inside of me. My soul has stopped searching and I am in an amazing place in my life! (haters are gonna hate, don't let them bring you down)

There was plenty learned during the creating and blogging time frame. I am a true believer in all things for a reason. That includes things not working out between Small Town Guy and myself the first time around. It is truer than true that you can't convince your mind of something when your heart feels another.

My "free time" also includes involvement with our local Relay For Life event. I did volunteer with the local RFL when I was creating and blogging. That is how I got hooked. Creating With The J's was a whole different world than where I am now. I am thankful for the people and the memories and sorry for the pain caused, but...all things for a reason. Here is the link to the Relay For Life Christmas tree.

I am the "online chair" here in Warren County as well. It has been interesting and awesome and frustrating to see how a different relay works. It has been a great experience overall though and I will be back next year. In addition to being on the committee, I have also taken on the role of team captain. Have you done the math? Yes, my brain runs NON-STOP -- just ask Small Town Guy. Yes, we are busy (I haven't mentioned that Small Town Guy throws darts in a league, so we are busy there too). No, I wouldn't change any of it.

I am starting to find a balance between it all. The Cricut has been cutting and cards have been getting made. Ok, so they might be relay related projects, but I have to start somewhere right???

Life is great here and I hope all is well with you too! To learn more about our relay or a relay close to you, please visit

I will leave you with a picture that I think is cool.  If you read the post about Starbrick, PA, then you know about River Road and know it can have some neat sights. Last week was no exception.

I do hope all is well! Until next time...

xoxo Just a Small Town Girl

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