Friday, April 25, 2014

Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back. A RFL display.

Ah YESSSSS!!!! The sound of the Cricut. It had been farrrrrr tooooo long since I had that sound. If you are one that creates using a Cricut you know there is some sweetness to the sound of it cutting.

You can almost hear it can't you?? Like I said, it had been way too long since the "buzz" of creativity had been heard. Those long overdue cuts were being made on purple glitter paper. Plenty to smile about there.

There are three pieces to relay. Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back. Maybe it is the teacher in me, maybe it is just how my brain is programmed, but I wanted, okay I needed an information table at the dart tournament. The table had all the necessary forms for many things, but my information needed something that would get your attention. Off to the store we went for one of those tri-fold display thingers.

Aw, yes!!! Purple and silver glitter paper and cupcakes. You have to smile at that.
Yes, yes, it isn't straight, but this was a picture taken and sent off for "what do you think?" purposes.

Getting closer.
The tri-fold display was perfect.
I had three parts I wanted to touch on and it had three sections.

Getting closer yet. All the pieces have been adhered.
Now we just need to get the center section figured out.
This may or may not have been on the table for a couple days as I tried to figure it all out.


I used some of our luminaria bags for the "remember" piece.
I had battery operated tea lights in each one.

Plantin Schoolbook and Stand and Salute were the cartridges I used for the cuts!

I think it turned out pretty cool!

Thanks for stopping by.
Until next time...xoxoxo

Just a Small Town Girl
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  1. It all turned out great! You are making me want a Cricut!

  2. Thanks so much! Be careful what you wish for ;)


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