Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pit Hole City - a look at a ghost town

 We left the house today with one thing we wanted to do and then it was wherever the road took us. We completed what we set out to do and then stopped at a Sheetz and picked up some beverages and snacks and headed home. It was not a direct trip home by any stretch of the imagination. Sometimes those turn out to be the best trips. Today was one of those days.

We saw many things, some sparked memories from long ago, others were interesting and sparked conversation for the present.

Our random choice of roads and directions led us by the road to Pit Hole City, PA. In no hurry to get home, we made that right hand turn. This place is out in the middle of no where. If it is in the middle of no where now, it seems it is no wonder it is now a ghost town. There is some good reading on Pithole. Here is the Wiki entry and the Roadside America entry.  Like other towns in this area, Pit Hole was founded on oil. At it's peak, the population was 15,000-20,000. In less than three years, the population had declined to roughly 300. Pit Hole wasn't, almost as fast it was.

We weren't sure what we would see or find. There isn't much left. Most of the city was destroyed years ago. Some buildings were moved. There is a visitor center on the site. The visitor center wasn't open today, we were a few weeks too early. The streets are "mowed." There are signs telling what buildings once stood where. Today was a gorgeous day for some of the expansive views.

A look at what once was.

A look at the entrance to the visitor's center.

If I had taken a photo of the whole thing, you would see this display is in a state of disrepair.
It makes me sad to see such things happen.

Hard to picture a booming town here isn't it?

Such a pretty sky.
Today was supposed to be a rainy day.
One of the prettiest rainy days I've seen. ;)

Easy to be "touristy" with no one else around.
(Why, yes, I'm wearing purple because we visited friends at a Relay For Life function!)

A look at those blue signs that always intrigue me when I am driving.
I do think it would be fun to set out on a trip with the purpose of reading all of them as you pass.

Yes, that is Small Town Guy. 

The Presbyterian Church stood here.

The sheet telling what once stood here is gone.

The Methodist Church stood here. This church was the last building to go.
The stones you see, were placed at a later date as a memorial sort of thing.

Not much else to see here today. I wasn't wearing shoes fit for walking the "streets."
We are hopeful there is a brochure somewhere that might allow a little more information.
We did see they had a lantern tour last year. That could be neat. We just might be back. If we make it back, I am sure there will be a follow up post.

We decided to keep going in the direction this road was going to take us.
"We don't have anywhere to be...."

Not long after getting back on the road, we saw a real life Woody The Woodpecker.
No really, we did. A Pileated Woodpecker flew across the road. 
It was spectacular to see.
The red, white and black.

 We didn't get a picture, but this is what they look like.

This unknown road was a really pretty drive.
We saw lots of dirt roads, moss covered rocks and trees and scenic streams.

We saw a "beaver tree"
We did stop and look, but we didn't spot any beavers in the immediate area.
I'm sure they saw us.

A little further up the road was this spring.

It was a great day. We supported some friends.
We had a fun road trip, shared some great conversation, and just enjoyed being able to spend the day together.

I hope you did something fun today. Did it include going down the "not so beaten path?"

Thanks so much for stopping by.
I'd love some comment love so I know you were here.

Til next time...
Just A Small Town Girl ~ Jen


  1. Thanks for the nostalgia. Barb and I haven't been there since shortly after we were married. We took our first "child" (a yellow lab mix) on a road trip in Barb's TR6 and stopped there. Sorry to hear that it's not being well maintained. I guess that what we
    get with so many places needing attention and not so much money to go around. Don & Barb

    1. Those fur kids leave us with memories too! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love your "road trips" and all the historic info you share. I know what you mean about reading the historic markers. We have several of them in and around our town and I always try to read them as I go by but being the driver doesn't help much! You seem to have settled in nicely and I hope you and small town guy have many years of small town adventures! So nice that you are happy once more! Still waiting on some "moon pie magic". Maybe soon?
    Hugs((())), Darlene

    1. Yes, hopefully soon on the "moon pie magic." It is nice to be happy. There are so many things that pass us by, these blue markers being one of them. Being the driver definitely doesn't help much!! Thanks for stopping!!! Hugs back!!!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day. I also love reading those signs! We have quite a few of them around my small town.


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