Friday, May 9, 2014

Just Some Thoughts

Nothing crafty or clever today. Just some thoughts.

This small town that I came "home" to is my home. This is the county I was born and raised in. It is the county that (for the most part) I haven't lived in since I graduated from high school.

There was a need for me to come home. I am glad I came home, for so many reasons. I am still adjusting though. There are definitely things from "the city" I miss. I didn't live in a city such as Pittsburgh or Cleveland, but I did live in the suburbs if you will. You can find things in those locations you can't find here. I am really okay with that. I am left with a reason to travel and I won't complain about that. Though, it would be nice to have those I don't have "right up the road" so I could go and get it now. That is our problem though. We, as a society, have gotten so use to having things readily available. Everyone is open 24 hours and everyone sells everything.  I see where so many of our problems have stemmed from this, but this isn't what this post is for.

It is refreshing to be where there are businesses that are still cash only. I know that is foreign to some, but it is cool in its own way.

It is also refreshing to be home... To be where a trip to my grandparent's house is a possibility every day. To be where a trip to anyone's house in this county, for that matter, is a possibility every day. Sure, there are visits I don't make happen as often as I should - but we're all guilty of that. It is refreshing to away from the some of the chaos and have a clear sense of who I am and what I want out of this life. It has all provided me the opportunity to see who is important to me and who I am important to. It seems the miles keep growing between myself and some of my friends, but that is what all of this technology is for right?

Yes, I have created a life full of hustle and bustle and my own sense of chaos, but it is far different than what I left behind. Sure, there are some things we would like to change, and with time, those changes will happen. I am having to discover my patience and find ways to deal with the lack of those changes, but all is well.

New opportunities are hopefully staring at me and from there other things will happen.

I hope all is well wherever you are in this world.

I leave you with a photo from my Grandparents' back yard.

 And a photo from a small town not far away. I drive through this small town on my way home from work.

Hugs from my small town to wherever you may be!

Just a Small Town Girl

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  1. Cash is king in my small town as well. Everyone knows me and that is great at the bank, pharmacy, grocery, etc....


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