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Mason Jar Bridal Shower

To know me means you know I have a love for "Mason jars." This term is interchangeable, kinda like Tupperware. When you send someone to your cupboard to get you a piece of Tupperware, are they really getting you Tupperware or is an empty, cleaned out and no repurposed cool whip container?? Uh huh!!! You see where I am going? In this sense a "mason jar" is any jar with a screw on lid. I know, I know!!! There are people out there freaking out about my use of these terms, but I am sure people freaked about the loose usage of Tupperware, and look...the world is still turning! (oh, if that world turning surprised you, we will save that for a later date and time.)

Those awesome girls referenced here decided on a mason jar themed bridal shower. Check out this pretty cute invitation!!! They enlisted the help of another pretty cool gal pal to get these invites done! Can you believe they had a party in my honor WITHOUT ME?!?! Geesh. Aw, well, the invites turned out way cute!!

The invitation asked the guests to bring a "mason jar" filled with collectible items.
I can tell you this request stirred up LOTS of conversation. I believe at one point, everyone was worried I was going to end up with 3 dozen mason jars filled with M&M's. I am not really sure what the problem with that would be, but I am sure you can see where the alarm in this might come from. I was part of some of the conversations. The shower wasn't a surprise to me, which made it easy for some on the invite list to ask questions. Some on that list were quite good about asking questions in a way that I didn't know why they were asking, others, well they just went straight to the point! HA!!!!

I said time and time again after the shower..."The mason jar thing turned out way cooler than anyone could have imagined!"  It did. People put thought into it. There were some way cool jars gifted on that August day. Are you ready to take a look at some pictures???

There were mason jar center pieces! They ribbon and clothespins on each jar was a task delegated to one of the flower girls.

A table of jars. These are some of the jars that were brought as per the request on the invites.
Some people brought them separate, others brought them as part of their gift.
To those that brought them as part of their gift, I am not sure if I thank you or not! I thank you because that was one less jar I had to guess, but that messed up the thought process. Yes....I had to guess who brought each jar.

Ok, but here comes the cool part. I hope by now you have at least partially thought about what you would put in a mason jar if this request was made of you! 
These people ROCK! (some of them literally)

 A plants jar filled with peanuts and Yuengling bottle caps.
Something significant between the giver and myself.

This jar was filled with the rocks Small Town Guy would put in his pockets as a kid.
Those are also some of his toys. (I bet you figured out who gifted this one, huh?!?)

A frosted jar filled with scrapbook supplies.
Those supplies are sitting here in the wedding project pile, waiting for their purpose in life. 
I can't wait!

This one is from my Grandma. The note reads:
"The things I put in this jar cannot be set on a shelf unless they are pictures, but you can
carry them deep in your mind & in  your heart. I love you & pray that you & "Small Town Guy" will be very happy with your life together."
Her pieces of paper read "lots of happy times", "happy memories", and "loving families"

Again, too cool, right?!?!?

This jar has buttons from my Great Grandmother's button collection.
I can buy all the buttons I want at yard and estate sales, but THESE were my Great Grandmother's!

Speaking of Great Grandmothers.
This jar (above and below photo) has sea shells that were collected by another Great Grandmother...just days before her stroke. It even has her handwriting. {{love}}

I have since been given a picture of my Great Grandmother on the beach the day the shells were collected. I can't wait to display them together!!

Shells picked up by yet another set of Grandparents.
I very much love the square acme jar on the left. The marbles are cool, but the jar is cooler!

This jar was sweet too.
There was a note explaining the jar.
The butterflies and locket you see belonged to my Grandmother.
The locket would become part of my bouquet and make the walk down the aisle with me on our wedding day. The photo inside the locket is of my Grandmother when she was in high school. 

This jar got some laughs.
Can you see why?
A "Ball" jar full of balls. 
ah ha ha!!!

My grandfather thought this was brilliant and if I receive this request I should take and cut up an atlas and put it in an "Atlas" jar....

Oil for making hard tack candy. The story behind it, specific to the giver!
I love the outside of the box thinking, don't you??

A jar full of pennies. 
That sucker is heavy!!

A  jar full of "date night" ideas. Each guest was asked to write a date night idea on a popsicle stick.
There are some fun and yes, suggestive date nights.
The one that says "Go to the Plaza for Pie" should just become a magnet and go on the fridge.

My favorite jar came when Small Town Guy showed up.
Look at the contents of that jar! GORGEOUS!!!
The jar....

We had picked the jar (half gallon size) up a flea market a week or two prior to the shower.
Apparently it is a good thing I hadn't done anything with it yet!!!

Oy vey!!! Mmm hmm!!!
Those roses have been dried and are actually back in that jar and it sits here in the office.

There were many other very cool jars.
Some of them did not photograph well.
There were jars with fall themed products, lights, Christmas themed items, marbles, wooden spools, an empty jar labeled "secrets", Pittsburgh related stuff, and more. 

Not only were the contents of the jars cool, but there were some way cool jars too!!

The threads on the towels will wear thin, the glasses will break, other stuff will need replaced...all those things we are most thankful for because we needed those items.
 MOST of the coolest items came in jars!
The one really cool gift that didn't come in a jar was the cutting board used by my Great and my Great Great Grandmothers.

Thank you to everyone for the outside of the box thinking and some awesome memories!
I encourage you, my readers, to think outside of the box the next time you have a gift to give!

Hugs from my small town to wherever you may be in the world!!!

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