Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Pirates Birthday Party

Hey Everyone!!!! One of the last projects I worked on before moving a year ago was a pirate birthday party. This party wasn't quite as in depth as some of the others I have worked on. I didn't make the invitations for this party, but I did make some of the decorations.

I don't have the sizes for any of these cuts, but I did use the Pirates and Mermaids Cricut cartridge. I can tell you some of the pieces were a real pain and you really wouldn't want to cut them at a very small size. Always remember the devil is in the details when making Cricut cuts. The more intricate the cut....the more of a pain it will be to get off your sheet and put together! This is definitely an instance of bigger is better!!! ;)

My girlfriend asked if I would go with the same concept as the year before when we did the CARS BIRTHDAY PARTY . We went and bought some more buckets and set the Cricut to cutting. We also went and bought some gold and silver bead necklaces and gold coins.

 The pirate cuts were definitely fun! I think some of them would be way cool cut much larger. It is also things like this that make me really miss teaching. There would be some really awesome bulletin boards!

 We used a combination of Cricut cuts and pirate themed stickers to bring the whole thing together!

You can't really have buckets, and pirates, and pirate booty without having some "rope" can you? Not in my world, so I took some jute and wrapped it around the buckets to help some depth and texture to the finished product!

Of course they were a hit!!! I am very much looking forward to getting back into this creative part of my being and working on projects like this again. Writing this blog post is my break from rearranging the room that I have claimed as my space. Poor Small Town Guy. I don't think he had any idea what happened when all those boxes were moved into this room. He wouldn't change any of it though. I am rearranging a little though so he can be in here too. Space is at a premium for the time being. He plays guitar. My stuff has literally taken over the entire room. I have been working to get my stuff off the other desk, so he can move some of his equipment in here. I can share, especially with him!

I can see my stuff, including my keyboard and monitor. I have started blogging and I have a whole list of things I want to talk about! I have also been scrapbooking. We will get there. I look forward to it!

I promise the posts will get more interesting as we go. I just need to readjust to being in blog land again. I have for sure missed you and your sweet pick me up comments. A special thank you to those of you that have checked on me by email. Bloggers rock!!!!!

Do you have any little pirates in your world that you have made party supplies for??

Hugs and best wishes from my small town to wherever you are in the world!


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