Friday, January 2, 2015

Baking with memories and treasured heirlooms

Hey everyone!! Lots of oddness around here today. I baked AND I am blogging. The last couple day have been the "perfect storm" for so many things!

I was up early and cinnamon rolls sounded good. While Small Town Guy was catching up on some zzz's (or maybe I was just up too early) I went to Pinterest to see if I could find a recipe that sounded good. I found this one. I had everything I needed, so off to the kitchen I went.

As I started gathering the recipe ingredients, bowls, and boards it was as though I was receiving approval from heaven above. In the kitchen was myself, a recipe on an electronic device, and memories and love, sweat, and tears from some amazing women before me. Some of those women I know/knew and loved and others I never had the opportunity to meet. It was as if we were altogether in the kitchen this morning making a batch of a cinnamon rolls to have for breakfast when Small Town Guy awoke.

The board has been used by my Great Great Grandmother, a Great Great Aunt, my Great Grandmother, and most recently, my Great Aunt. This board just looks awesome!!! The bowl holding the dough belonged to my Grandmother on a different side of the family. I am sure many of you have seen the set of Pyrex bowls this bowl came from. My Grandma gave me the set about a year and a half ago. She had received the set as a gift many years ago.

I have never been one to wear an apron. I love looking them, and quite possibly collect them, but wearing them...nope. There is even one that hangs in our kitchen. Had to have it, never worn it. Never worn it until this morning. I was thinking about a different Grandma and how she so enjoyed her time in the kitchen. She always wore an apron, ALWAYS! I have a couple of her aprons, but she was a petite lady. Those sweet aprons won't fit. Something compelled me to take the must have apron off the hook and actually put it on. Once tied, it brought a grin to my face.

Time to get to work! Mixed, beaten, left alone to rest. Then rolled, buttered, cinnamoned (new word) and sugared.

Small Town Guy stirred before the sugary goodness made its way to the oven. I was told I had flour on my nose and that somehow made me cute... anywho, since he was in the kitchen he was asked to hold the baking sheet while I cut the rolls.

They kind of look amazing already don't they??? When they came out of the oven I added the glaze.

Sooooo good! Had them with  a glass of milk. YUMMMMMMM!!!!! The recipe was simple and definitely a " I will make them again." sort of recipe. They also received Small Town Guy's approval!

Once I decided this morning would become a blog post, I knew I needed a picture of our iPad. It is my generational contribution to cooking with the generations before me.

And yes, I did take a picture of part of that must have apron. Perhaps now that it has been used for the first time it will be used more often. It is much more convenient than looking for the towel that SHOULD be on my shoulder but NEVER is!

Hugs and love from my small town kitchen, where I had a blessed morning, to wherever you may be reading this from!!
Small Town Girl


  1. You go girl! I think you had some help in the kitchen this morning and look at those rolls...beautiful! I've had that experience and the older I get I can feel those loving spirits around me helping me, encouraging me....I don't doubt it for one minute! Happy New Year!


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