Saturday, April 4, 2015

Running, the first day of spring

The first day of spring has come and gone. The month of March has done the same. March and it's lions couldn't pack their bags fast enough as far as I am concerned.

The first day of spring seemed like a great day to plan for a longer (for me) run. The Bridge run is a 10k (6.2 miles) distance. Just shy of 3 miles had been the norm. Let's make the first day of spring a 4 mile day, I said to myself.

Then I looked outside. Below are pictures from my run. The same route I ran and shared here

What a difference a week can make.

This is the boat launch. Look close, you can see part of it is under water.
That is where I was standing when I took the shot of the ice and the shot of my foot.

The swans are almost always spotted. This one is looking dirty from winter.
Always cool to see.

A rare photo for you, one of me.
Winter wonderland...on the first day of spring.

It may be pretty to you, but it isn't pretty to me at this point.

In the other post I shared a photo looking at a feeder stream
This is the same stream, taken from the same bridge.
The water is much higher today.

4 miles wasn't in the cards. It was neat to listen to the snow crunch under my feet with each step, but I came home with only 2.5 miles.

Thanks for checking out my snowy first day of spring pics.

Hugs from my small town to wherever you may roam.

Small Town Girl

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Is Coming!

Spring HAS to be coming!!! It HAS to be! The odd thing is, it is April 1st when I write this post. The first day of spring has come and gone. There are signs of spring, birds, plants poking through the ground, melting snow, and the temps are warming, but then wham! it is cold and snowing again.

Back in October 2014, I registered for the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC. Who knew that 6 months later I still wouldn't be working. The run was scheduled for March 28,2015. Some time in February I made the official determination we weren't going to be making the trip to Charleston, for a number of reasons. That decision being made, I didn't keep up with my running. Winter has been bitterly cold and harsh this year.

Sometime during the first week and a half of March it was decided we WERE making the trip to SC. Guess who needed to start running??? Yep, THIS GIRL!!! I had gotten a couple shorter walks and/or runs in, but because of bitter temperatures and LOTS of snow, I hadn't kept up with it. We were SLOWLY starting to thaw and this was allowing for more time outside. Great timing since March 28th and 6.2 miles were fast approaching!

The following photos were taken roughly a week before the first day of spring. My first choices for running were still snow covered. That was ok, because this route offers some great views of the Allegheny River. It was a great run! Hearing birds and the water and feeling the sun was good for my soul.

A look across the Allegheny River.

I spy...a canoe.

Looking left.

Looking right.

Standing on a small bridge looking out over a feeder stream.

I found this kind of cool.
The ice was  melting. Air bubbles could be seen. The water was so clear right here.

Standing on the boat launch looking left.
Check out the ice.

Standing in the same spot and looking right.

A look at my shoe. 
I don't know why, just because!

It sure felt good to be out and about. It was great knowing I could still run a non-stop mile.
I lost a little speed over the winter, but I wasn't fast before so I guess it doesn't really matter.
What matters is I am still more active than I was just one year ago!!!

Just get up and do it!!!

Hugs from my small town to wherever you may roam!