Sunday, January 5, 2014

Small Town Bits Sunday #1

Hello friends! Now that I am back home, local history is something that I find even more interesting. I have always found it interesting and have dabbled here and there, but being home makes it different. The interest is real and pertinent. The questions are different when you are looking at something from the past and know that isn't how that spot looks today.

I have chosen Sunday for this piece because that is when the "history lessons" started. Sundays quickly became "dinner at Small Town Dad's"night. Conversations, publications, unearthed family treasures, or inspiration from somewhere altogether different, would prompt a local history lesson. In nice weather, definitely not on nights like this one, sometimes a field trip would even take place to the present day spot.

Small Town Bits Sunday will be about something pertaining to the small towns in the area I call home. Who knows where the inspiration will come from, but you can rest assured something will have prompted it.

Wanting to start this today, HEY!! The thought came to me today, no better time than the present!! Don't judge!!! Anywho, I am a little unprepared for the first post. I have a post I have been working on and it will come on a future Sunday as I am doing some research for it. On my list of things to do is to become a Historical Society Member.

I thought tonight we could take a little walk around the small town of Warren, PA. Wikipedia tells me the 2010 population was 9710.

Warren, PA was named after General Joseph Warren. This is one of at least three statues of Warren on public display. It sits in General Joseph Warren Park on the corner of Third and Pennsylvania Avenues.

These pictures were taken in the spring. I can promise you that Warren is presently covered in snow and slush. I wish I had some winter pictures to share with you. Perhaps that can be a future post. I am thinking this winter is far from over and there will be plenty more snow for snowy pictures.

These two pictures were taken while standing near General Warren's statue.

I just love all the ivy growing up this tree!

Downtown Warren has some awesome old houses with plenty of curb appeal.

I think the only this picture is missing is a couple of folks porch sittin' and a pitcher of sweet tea.
Ah yes, the southern girl in me coming out. ;)

The day these photos were taken was a beautiful day for a walk around town.
Definitely something we all should do more often. We also need to look up  more often.
Up is sometimes where the neatest things are. "Looking Up" will definitely be a future post. There are plenty of up things to look at and take photos of. This day the up thing was the down spout (I know you just chuckled). Yes, that is a pineapple you see.

Do any of you look at things outside of the box? I instantly saw the heart in the design instead of the whole pattern. There are little things everywhere that can warm your heart if you are willing to open your eyes and take a look around you.

This fountain and pond seem so peaceful. Nicely tucked in someone's back yard.
Perhaps what my someday yard will be when it grows up??
Hey! It never hurts a girl to dream!

Ok, maybe I have a thing for ivy growing on stuff...

This one might get the attention of some of you. Warren, PA is the home of the New Process Company, now known as Blair. Are you a Blair catalog shopper? If so, your order comes to and is most likely shipped from Warren. :)

 Looking down you can find interesting markers.
This marker is on a set of steps leading down to the Allegheny River.

Have you ever payed attention to where all those plastic mugs come from?
Dunkin Donuts, convenience stores, amusement parks, and so many other places contract with Whirley Drinkworks to have their products made. YES!!!! There are things that are still made in the USA!!!!!!
You can learn more about Whirley here if you feel so inclined. I am always picking cups up and looking at the bottom to see if they were made in my small town!
I have been told this building was previously a bakery. 

Warren is definitely a city of churches!
Here is a look at St. Joe's.
We will save all the churches for another post.
If I keep making a list there will be plenty of walking in my future and that is a good thing!!

The Allegheny River is right here. That means we are also a city of bridges.
This train bridge is one of my favorite views.
I am not certain why, it just is.
Had we had wedding festivities in Warren, there would have been some wedding photos on this bridge.
That merely means there will be a photo shoot on the bridge at some point in our future. :)

This is the main bridge leading into town. The direction we are looking here is a direction that does not include any of the above photos!

I hope you enjoyed some tidbits from this small town.
I will work on being more informative next time.
I am hoping that one of the next Small Town Tidbits will be about Piso's Cure for Consumption. That is the post I am working on. Are any of you familiar with product? It was part of the conversation over Sunday dinner this evening (again).

Thanks for stopping by!
Hugs and best wishes from my small town to wherever you are in the world!


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  1. Warren looks like such a pretty town. I loved looking at the beautiful homes and know that I'd enjoy walking around and snapping pictures. My town is full of old houses and I never get tired of looking at them. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog so that I could find yours. I love the name of yours and have been singing "Just a Small Town Girl" in my head since I saw your name.


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