Monday, June 10, 2013

A Memorial Day Tribute

Hey Everyone! I am a little behind the times, but I see that as a good thing. In my eyes, that means I have been spending time doing things with the people I moved home to be closer too. I might also be busy planning a wedding. Wedding plans definitely weren't on the list of things to do when I moved home, but... I believe there are some things we aren't in control of. Life is awesome!!!

One of the things on my "this is what I want to do now that I am home list" was attend the Memorial Day Parade in Youngsville. This parade is something that was near and dear to my Grandfather's heart. He only missed two parades upon return home from WWII. He said he didn't remember why he missed the first one, we have our guesses, because how do you not remember why you missed it the one and only time, but that is something we will never know for sure. The second parade was last year's parade. He was too sick to participate. In case you didn't follow the old blog, here is the post I wrote when Granddad passed away.

There is a bridge in town. Before crossing the bridge, the parade comes to a halt and a ceremony is held for the different branches and a wreath of flowers is generally tossed into the creek. I have watched from there a number of times. I have also marched in this parade, long ago when it was more appropriate for me to wear pig tails and short shorts. I tried to put my fingers on the picture of me marching with my baton, but things are still a bit of wreck since not everything is out of storage.

Back to the parade, it crosses the bridge and heads out of town toward the cemetery. I watched from near the cemetery this year. I have family that lives near the cemetery. I parked in town and walked up to my Great Aunt's house and we watched from the corner. Once the parade was over we went up into the cemetery for the ceremony that takes place around the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial.

Let's take a look...

As I was walking to my Great Aunt's house, I looked up into the cemetery and they were lowering the flag to half mast.

The local marching band approaches.

Being from Small Town USA means a good percentage of people in the emergency apparatus are family.
The above photo is no exception.

Family driving the above firetruck.

The above firetruck is the exception to the rule.

My Great Uncle, Granddad's brother, is driving the above truck.
Small Town USA is a heart warming place, especially on days like Memorial Day.

The Honor Guard from the American Legion as they approach us.

Well yes, there are friends and family in this photo too.
There is just one really special guy missing from all of these Honor Guard photos. {frownie face}

The Honor Guard making their way into the cemetery.

Not all the Veterans are able to make the walk up this hill, let alone the hill in the cemetery.
I think it is great these Veterans are still able to be a part of the day's festivities!

A look at the Honor Guard around the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

Another look.

The reading of the 119 names of Warren County Veterans that passed away from Memorial Day 2012 to Memorial Day 2013.

The view of the monument and some of the Honor Guard from where I was seated.

The above and below photos are wider shots so you can see the beauty of hills or mountains. I suppose it depends on where you are from as to whether you would call them hills or mountains.

"In Memory of Our Soldiers and Sailors"
The wreath was placed during the ceremony.
HERE is the link from the local newspaper with an article about the parade.

The names of the Warren County Veterans who passed away during the last year.
There are a handful of names of this list that are special to me.
Each of these names belong to a person that was special to someone and each of these names belong to a person that had served our country so we can enjoy the things so many of us take for granted.

It was hard hearing these names read one final time.
I will always remember...

I hope each of you were able to spend at least part of your Memorial Day weekend with loved ones.

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