Thursday, August 21, 2014

Oh the things we collect!

How many of the same sort of item does one need to have before it is considered a collection?

Everyone collects something, right??? (I hope so)

But if they don't, I probably have enough collections for those that don't about you?

This whole thought process started the other night while I was making dinner.

Cutting boards. How many cutting boards does a person need? I don't know how many I NEED, but I HAVE 5 or 6 and I always find myself looking at them when out and about. I didn't take a picture of the entire collection, because a few of them are the standard, nothing special sort of deals. BUT THEN, there are the REALLY COOL ONES!!

This cutting board is awesome. It was a wedding present. It was handmade by a very special family friend!! It is beautiful and I think of our wedding day and the person who made it every time I use it!
Ooooh! Yes! Those herbs came from my little porch herb garden!
The smell of fresh herbs = happy!!!!!!

This cutting board is WAY awesome, too! This one belonged to the ladies before me. It was passed on to me at my bridal shower. It was used by my Great Aunt, my Great Grandmother, and my Great Great Grandmother. Now how cool is that??? Oh the time spent with this board. If only it could share some of those moments and memories...

 Do you see those spoons????? Aren't they lovely??? Don't tell, but I have more!!!
I love spoons, especially small spoons. I don't know why. I don't have an explanation for it.
Porcelain measuring spoons are awesome!!! You should see the Christmas ones. 
They are cute, and they make fun noises, but....I must caution you... 
*sniff *

Back to the cutting boards.
The other fave is this one. This one was made by my Grandfather. It is the right size for small jobs, such as cutting a lime. It also makes a great surface to set hot dishes on.

There are a few others, but they are nothing special.
As I write this, I realize that they each get used for their own thing.
Maybe I am weird. Do you have certain cutting boards you use for certain things?
What sorts of things do you collect?

Have a great day everyone!
Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs and love from my small town to wherever you may be!!!

xoxo ~ Small Town Girl

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