Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall in My Small Town of Warren, PA ***photo heavy post

Today was the last day for the next 5 or so where there was a little sunshine in the forecast.
I took advantage of the nice, but chilly, day and walked around town for some fall photos.
I headed out to do the walking tour of the historic district and decided to do more than just that. The historic district will be a post all its own.

Shall we go on a little photo tour of my small town?
Grab a cup of hot tea or coffee, it is definitely chilly out there!

fall in pa

fall in pa

Someday, hopefully sooner than later, Small Town Guy and I will have our pictures taken on one of the train bridges around town.

fall in warren pa

The Allegheny River

fall in warren pa

fall in warren pa

So many things to love about bridges.

The sky wasn't as friendly looking 2.5 miles later.

fall in warren pa

fall in warren pa

Fall is here...

Looking back at where I had come from.

That train bridge around the bend is the one from the beginning of this post.

rose hips

Another train bridge.

The Flat Iron building.

A look at the window of one of my favorite shops.

Love this tree.

Fun on a front porch!

fall in warren pa

I likes vines.

Had to take this picture, one of my Grandmas worked here.

Getting ready to head back across the bridge.

fall in warren pa

 Birds, mountains, and a train bridge!

 Perfect timing?

fall in warren pa

My small town's parking garage.

One last fall colored tree!

The historic district photos will be up tomorrow!
I hope you are enjoyed this part of the fall tour!

 And the final picture is one taken one year ago today.
Happy 1st anniversary Small Town Guy!
I love you more today than one year ago!

Hugs and love from my small town to wherever you are!
~Small Town Girl

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